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Open Door Policy

Revolution Radio Limited is proud of our Open Door Policy which is intented to ensure that anyone in the community is able to participate in the community radio station.

Our Open Door Policy is as follows:

  • We proactively encourage new volunteers to get involved in the operation of the radio station by posting on our website and social media and appealing on air for people to contact us with a regular recorded announcement.
  • We will appeal for volunteers in our leaflets and place posters advertising opportunities in community centres, job centres and with volunteering agencies including Northampton Volunteering Centre and Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire.
  • We will give everyone who contacts us expressing an interest the opportunity to get involved in some way.
  • New volunteers who contact us are invited to our team meetings and given a structured induction including basic training on how the radio station operates and introduced to the many different opportunities such as local events team, reviewers, graphic designers, website editors, commercial sales (for commission), presenting/co-presenting, etc and are offered the opportunity to volunteer within the department(s) of their choice.
  • Potential presenters are offered free professional training and the opportunity to present shows on our online training station until they have reached the standard required to go on air on our main service.

Revolution Radio has many roles within our management structure which give the opportunity for volunteers to be empowered with responsibilities (see organisation flow chart below).  The most capable and committed volunteers are offered the opportunity to take on these management roles when positions become available.

Volunteers are able to stand for election to the board of Directors when positions become available.